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Why should I purchase the Brendan Travel Protection Plan?

You’ve saved, you’ve waited, and now you’re all set to go on the vacation of your life – a Brendan Tour. Preparing for your tour includes protecting yourself from unfortunate occurrences that threaten to interfere with even your best-laid plans. By purchasing the Brendan Travel Protection Plan, you can help protect yourself against cancellation penalties, medical costs, baggage loss and delays, as well as gain access to a wide range of traveler’s assistance services.

Did you know that the Brendan Travel Protection Plan could protect you if:

  • You become ill and can’t travel
  • Someone in your immediate family (as defined in the plan) has an illness or injury, even if they aren’t scheduled to travel with you
  • Your child comes down with an illness and is unable to travel
  • Your house becomes flooded due to a hurricane
  • A family member back home passes away and you must return from your Brendan trip early
  • Your luggage is lost by the airlines
  • You twist your ankle and must visit a doctor while traveling
  • Many other unforeseeable events as listed in the Description of Coverage

The Brendan “Any Reason” Cancellation Waiver**

With the Brendan Vacations “Any Reason” Cancellation Waiver, Brendan will provide you with 100% of the cancellation charges in the form of a future travel credit certificate, should you cancel your tour more than 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure for any reason that is not eligible for cash reimbursement under the Trip Cancellation section of the Travel Protection Plan. Cancellation charges are reimbursed in the form of Brendan Travel Certificates allowing you a two year credit to travel with us at a later date! Please note that to be eligible for the “Any Reason” Cancellation Waiver, you must enroll and pay for the plan within two days of your initial trip deposit. The certificate is valid for two years, is non-transferable and non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash. Future travel certificates do not include airfare cancellation charges for air arrangements unless those arrangements were provided by Brendan.

Trip Interruption:

Up to Total Trip Cost

Trip Delay:

Up to $1,000 ($150/day)

Baggage Protection:

Up to $2,500

Medical & Dental Expenses:

Up to $50,000

Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation:

Up to $50,000

Emergency Assistance Services

While the above is not a complete description – a full plan description detailing the terms, conditions and exclusions can be downloaded here – Brendan Vacations has highlighted just a few of the plan benefits. If you have any Travel Protection Plan questions, or would like to request a copy of the plan description, please call Brendan Vacations plan administrator, Berkely, at (866) 580-4869.

The Brendan Vacations Travel Protection Plan is provided in addition to other applicable indemnity or insurance programs, where permitted by law and shall apply only after benefits have been paid.

Brendan Vacations - Travel Protection Plan

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