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1.   Everyday Low Pricing On Every Tour We Sell. has the largest discount for every tour company we sell.  Don’t believe us? Get our quote and compare. 


2.   Detailed Written Quotes: always provides you with a detailed written quote which includes a breakdown of the price of each item (tour, air, insurance, etc.), our discount, any applicable tour company promotions or discounts and the full air itinerary, if air is requested.  This allows you to compare our pricing to any other quote and gives you assurance of exactly what is included in your quote.


3.   Focus On Escorted Tours. focuses exclusively on selling escorted tours.  We don’t sell cruises, resorts or other types of vacation packages.  This allows us to specialize in escorted touring.  All of our employees have extensive escorted tour knowledge and are familiar with the policies and unique aspects of each of the brands we represent.   In addition, every employee of has actually traveled on the escorted tours of the companies we represent.   In short, we are the experts in escorted touring.


4.   24/7 Access and Customer Service: is a 100% web-based travel agency.  You can get quotes, hold tours, book tours, ask questions and submit payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Additionally, all of your communications are documented along with our responses.  In the rare instant that either or the tour company makes a mistake, we can verify it and will correct the problem to your satisfaction.  This audit trail is a valuable protection for our clients and simply cannot be duplicated if you are relying on the travel agent to recall the details of your phone conversations.


5.   We Never Hold Your Money: never holds your deposits and payments and always provides you with the tour company’s confirmation number.  We provide your credit card information to the tour company and they charge your credit card.  In the past, failed travel agencies had been found to be holding clients money and not remitting to the tour companies, cruise lines and resorts.  With, you can verify the charges on your credit card statement and contact the tour company directly to confirm the booking and payments.  We will never leave you holding the bag.


6.   We Only Represent Quality Tour Companies: Some travel agencies will sell every tour company under the sun regardless of quality and reputation.  TouringForLess will not sell the tours of any and every tour company available.  We only represent tour companies that we can stand behind.  If a tour company does not meet the quality and reliability that expects for our clients, we will not represent that tour company.


7.   We Are Routinely Recognized For Excellence: is recognized by the tour companies that we represent as an outstanding travel agency.  We have repeatedly been recognized as a Globus Premier Agency Partner, Trafagar Award of Excellence recipient and a top retailer of the tour companies we represent.