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The Republic of Finland is a Nordic country of interesting contrasts, such as the Midnight Sun and the winter darkness, urban and rural, East and West. It is bordered by Sweden, Norway, and Russia,  The central government is located in Helsinki. Other larger cities include Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyvaskyla, Kahit, and Kuipio. Archaeological evidence shows that the area was settled during the Stone Age. As you look out from the plane, the first impression you may have is that there are a lot of trees… an endless carpet of forest, with many lakes and small towns in between. It’s a surprise when you land in Helsinki on your Globus tour to find that the airport is so modern and efficient. Your Globus tour take you through the development of this country.

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RQ Warsaw, the Baltics & Helsinki
9 days from Warsaw to Helsinki
9 Land Special Offer/Promotion $2,299.00
ZT Northern Capitals
10 days from Copenhagen to Helsinki
10 Land Special Offer/Promotion $3,069.00

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