CIE Tours of Ireland & Britain

The most popular escorted tours CIE Tours offer combines Ireland and Britain. CIE tours offers many different itineraries combining these two wonderful and unique countries. CIE does a masterful job putting together tours that include Britain and Ireland. The sightseeing on these tours are truly unmatched any place in the world. These tours include the wonderful city of London.

Most CIE tours of Scotland usually include the following once in a lifetime sights and sounds:

  • Cliff of Moher
  • Lakes of Killarney
  • The Lake District
  • Tower of London
  • City of Dublin

CIE tours are the largest seller of Britain and Ireland tours, CIE tours are able to offer you unbeatable price and unparalleled value. Once you have found a Britain and Ireland CIE tour please request a quote or contact a travel specialist for an unbeatable price on CIE tours. Book your Britain and Ireland tour today with CIE and get the best price from

CIE Tours - Ireland

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