Monograms Tours South & Central America: Ecuador

Monograms Tours South & Central America

Monograms vacation packages let you experience the wonders of South & Central America—with their vibrant cities, varied cultures, historic sites, natural attractions, and wildlife opportunities. Explore PERU’S ancient sites, including Machu Picchu, built by the Incas in the mid-15th century, and the Temple of Sacsayhuaman, a fortress built in the early 12th century. Wildlife enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS with the many species of animals and birds that call the Galápagos their home, including sea lions , giant tortoises, Darwin finches, and much more. Perhaps vists the Amazon Jungle, with its abundance of wildlife and lush vegetation, or the Monteverde Cloud Forest in COSTA RICA, which has over 3,000 plant species, 120 mammal species, 400 bird species, and 1,200 species of amphibians and reptiles.

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