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Spain is a sovereign state located on  the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is bordered by France, Andorra, the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal, and Gibraltar. Spain is a democracy and a member of the United Nations, European Union, NATO, OECD, and WTO. Spanish records show the population to have been of Iberian, Basque, and Celtic origins. Notable cities are: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Malaga, Cordoba, Granada, and Cadiz. Mainland Spain is dominated by mountain ranges: Pyrenees, Cordilera Cantabrica, Sistema Iberico, Sistema Central, Montes de Toledo,
Sierra Morena and Sistema Penibetico. Major rivers include the Tagus, Ebro, Duero, Guadiana, and the Guadalquivir. The Prado of Madrid, The Alhambra, Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, Picasso Museum, "Old Madrid", the Museo del Prado, the Palacio Real (Royal Palace), Plaza de España, and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Cordoba are all places to visit on your Globus tour.

Globus Escorted Tours featuring Spain:

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CodeGlobus Journeys - Tour nameDescriptionDaysRetail FromMap
ZZ Highlights of Spain and Portugal 9 days from Barcelona to Lisbon 9 $2,069.00
KSDX Spain & Portugal Escape 9 Day Tour from Barcelona to Lisbon 9 $1,289.00
KSAX Spanish Escape 9 Day Tour from Madrid to Barcelona 9 $1,289.00
ZV The Best of Spain 9 days from Madrid to Barcelona 9 $2,099.00
FS Toasting & Coasting: Portugal & Spain By Design 9 days from Lisbon to Lisbon 9 $2,299.00
ZO Lisbon & Northern Spain 12 days from Lisbon to Barcelona 12 $2,719.00
TM Shrines of Portugal, Spain & France - Faith-Based Travel 12 Day Tour from Lisbon to Barcelona 12 $2,899.00
ZW Iberian Discovery & Morocco 13 days from Madrid to Madrid 13 $2,499.00
ZX Spanish Fiesta 14 days from Madrid to Madrid 14 $2,829.00
ZU Spain, Portugal & Morocco 17 days from Lisbon to Madrid 17 $3,399.00

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